First wine lovers, then wine producers.

Events and Tastings


Conti degli Azzoni opens its doors by offering a number of initiatives to visitors interested in learning about the wines as well as the landscape, culture and tradition that are reflected in them.

Our Wines

Passion and Excellence

The passion and the commitment of Conti degli Azzoni in always seeking the right compromise between sustainable production and high quality are confirmed by over 7 centuries of history, great attention to sustainability in all phases of the business, from agricultural activity to the marketing of wine, as well as various prizes and awards obtained by authoritative national and international competitions, magazines and guides.

Conti degli Azzoni wines are therefore products of excellence in the local territory.


Commiment and Safeguard


Sustainability is a 360 degrees challenge. It is a challenge that leads to preservation and protection of the environment and the territory in which we operate as authentic custodians, to investment in people, technology, research and innovation. Conti degli Azzoni's business is precisely this and it has been reported every year, for several years and on a voluntary basis, in an accurate Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022