Good Practices

Good Practices

Custodians of the territory

In agriculture and viticulture, the territory is an essential ingredient in the magic recipe that allows you to obtain the highest quality and goodness of the products grown. Conti degli Azzoni has made its commitment concrete by implementing behaviors and actions aimed at protecting the territory and the environment.

    Good Practices

    We plan and measure our interventions recognizing our role as custodians of the territory.


    Conti degli Azzoni has made its commitment concrete by starting organic farming on all farmland.

    In 2019 the organically-run vineyards finally gave their first fruits: the first wine from organic cultivation, Grechetto Carrodoro, was bottled. The first organic pasta entirely by Conti degli Azzoni was also made from the grain of the company's organic plots

    Further Good Practices

    Conti degli Azzoni regularly uses the practice of green manuring in their organic vineyards because it is useful for improving the agronomic characteristics of the soil.

    The company applies sexual confusion (alternative defense technique) in organically-run vineyards, to avoid the use of pesticides.

    The by-products of grape harvesting and processing (the so-called pomace) are recovered for transformation into an excellent compost of organic matrix, redistributed for the natural fertilization of the soils.

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