Employer Branding

Employer Branding

People: the heart of the company

In 2019, Conti degli Azzoni decided to carry out a project for the enhancement and engagement of its employees, aiming at an innovative communication strategy between company and workers, with a view to creating a positive work environment, one of greater participation and sharing of values.

Goal People

The development of each company is possible thanks to the passion and professionalism of those who work there.

Employer Branding


Attracting the best resources in the job market
We want to aim for a corporate image consistent with the identity of the company as an ideal workplace, in order to attract and retain talented employees.

Retain existing human resources
We want to enhance and develop their potential, offering them opportunities for growth and improvement, such as training or other activities.

Communicate effectively
We want to simplify internal and external information and define and disseminate an effective value proposition to employees and customers, through well-identified channels.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022