Our Cellar

Our Cellar

The Conti degli Azzoni company is located in the heart of the Marche region, a hilly area about 100 km from the Sibillini Mountains and 20 km from the Adriatic Sea. It is spread over an area of over 850 hectares that extend in various municipalities in the province of Macerata.

One and only passion: wine.

130 hectares of the total area, are planted with vineyards. The rest is cultivated with arable land and hosts the cellar, several farmhouses and their courtyards, trees, streams and lakes.

The winery, located in the municipality of Montefano (MC), was recently renovated to ensure the use of the most modern technologies and respect for the grapes. Here, each production step has the aim of enhancing what the season and the terroir have been able to express in the grapes, to create wines that are able to express the values and potential of an entire territory.

The flagship, located in the basement of the historic building owned by the family, is the beautiful oak barrel cellar where the wines destined for the Reserves mature and are refined.

In the cellar and in the historic building, there are several rooms for organizing events and tastings.