Grape Washing

The Grape Washing

Research, curiosity, experimentation. These are the elements that drive Degli Azzoni Wines to a continuos improvement in the evolutionary process aimed at creating healthy, quality and sustainable products.

In 2021, guided by the spirit of innovation, the group has completed a project dedicated to the purity of wine, health and the pleasure of the healthy consumption, with the purchase of a grape washing machine.

A di-wine journey that in the glass will find its most expressive yield

Conti degli Azzoni, one of the brands of Degli Azzoni Wines, is the first winery in the Marche region to use this innovative process and one of the first at national level.

Grapes are not normally washed before processing, but this advanced plant, thanks to the washing and drying system, it allows to remove dust, insects, products used in the countryside and other residues from the grapes, improving the quality and aroma of the wine to be produced. Like in a spa bath, the bunch of grapes is gently massaged, pampered and lulled by the water.

Of course, the water used is collected and reused to clean and irrigate the cellars. In the future, we are already thinking about a system for filtering and recirculating water inside the same plant for washing grapes.