Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Zero-emission production chain

The carbon footprint represents the impact that any type of activity has on the environment.

Calculating the carbon footprint for Conti degli Azzoni means actively participating in the change necessary to protect the environment and monitor one's impact on the planet. A participation that is realized with the measurement of the emissions generated by its production cycles, with the commitment to reduce them, with transparency towards stakeholders.



Carbon Footprint

We are all part of the change for a better tomorrow, we are all responsible for it.
It is our actions that will affect the future of our children and the next generations.

Zero Emissions

Conti degli Azzoni has its own zero-emission production chain.

Thanks to the offsetting action of its cultivated soils, Conti degli Azzoni produces sequestrations of greenhouse gases in excess of the emissions generated by its entire production chain.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022